Glitta Kings Live at The Walrus Saloon!

Glitta Kings
w/ Voz-Eleven, Life The MC and Small Hands

The Walrus Saloon
Tuesday, June 14 
9 PM - 1:30 AM

1911 11th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80302
(303) 443-9902

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21+ 9:00pm DOS is $4.00 and comes with a free drink.
ADV tickets are available by emailing us at

The Glitta Kings are a versatile trio of musicians who have been immersed in the music industry for over a decade. Together they produce a unique take on hip-hop, soul, funk, and R&B through each of their different perspectives and experiences.

This charismatic trio captivates audiences with a clever and catchy mixture of vibrant music and humor that makes people want to get down, while laughing ‘til it hurts. Their music is performed with such intense levels of energy and emotion that crowds are always left wanting more.

The group started turning heads with their debut EP Got Panache, and are justifiably proud and excited for the Halloween 2013 release of their first full length album, Girls In High Heels Shouldn’t Dance On Glass Tables.

Jordan 'Funny Biz' Polovina, founding member of the popular live hip-hop band Whiskey Blanket, has been heavily involved in the Colorado music scene for over 13 years. His step father was a music theory professor who introduced Polovina to classical cello, guitar, and harmonica. Jordan draws upon these musical skills, as well as his natural talent and larger than life persona, to define his own very unique style. His finesse and speed while freestyling and beatboxing is so impressive that Glitta Kings DJ Queen B often refers to him as "Alien Boy." Polovina has also had the pleasure of working with many other talented artists over the years, including Macklemore, Chali 2na, and Josh Martinez of The Chicharones.

Quinn 'TopiQ' Lynch started his career in a hip-hop group called Audible Audities, which also features 'Sloppy Joe' Lessard of Head for the Hills and Whiskey Blanket. TopiQ is a talented MC, producer, engineer, bassist, singer, chef, and all-around smooth talkin' ladies' man. His innate ability to harmonize with Polovina is a key element of the Glitta Kings' suave sound. Lynch produces all the tracks for the group, a task which allows him to showcase his flair for creating infectiously catchy, melodic tunes. He has also recorded various tracks with Lucky.I.Am of the Living Legends.

Emma 'Queen B' Badman hails from England by way of Massachusetts, and has an accent quite unlike any other. Her fascination with the art of turntablism led to the acquisition of her first pair of Technics 1200s in 2006. Queen B, also known as Sassfactory, provides the soundtrack to the Glitta Kings' live performances. She took the throne as Glitta Queen in December 2012 after Polovina became her roommate. He had the idea that she may be the missing ingredient their delicious musical concoction had been lacking. And thus, Glitta history was made. Badman also has a passion for modern electronic music, and mixes glitch hop, funkstep, electro swing, and lazerbooty bass music to get the party going. She has also been known to create farcical music genres.

Life The MC with Briz iLL and DJ Buncha Grief of Flowalition-
Life is Colorado's own emcee. His Voice will grab the attention of any listener. His lyrics bring a valuable message!!
Current Location

''Voz-Eleven'' is a one Man group that performs all original lyrics, beats and turntablism from His album "Polarization" and also the new Respect The Voices album. Voz11 has been performing live shows for over a decade now and has open up for nation acts like Naughty By Nature, 2MEX, Aceyalone, Rappin'4Tay, Skee-Lo and more.
"Emcee/ Then DJ/ Then DJ/ Then Emcee"

Small Hands [aka The Small Handed Bandit (Richie Wallace)], is a 28-year-old, independent rapper/producer from Boulder, Colorado. Be it on an AmbiAnIcon beat (which it usually is), a beat of his own, or with a live band, Small Hands uses words to reach beneath the surface of everyday life. His thoughts and ideas are conveyed in a comprehensive manner, with a sarcastic style that compliments the ever-maturing sound of conscious, underground hip-hop. The live show is high energy and introspective. It includes a DJ (K-Bo Cuts), a CD of beats, or a three to four piece band (Silver Back Teeth). Similar artists include: Sage Francis, Living Legends, Atmosphere.
One afternoon in the summer of 2000, Richie Wallace and AmbiAnIcon were working at a local sandwich shop. When Evan couldn't reach a pen he had dropped between two counters, he called out, "Small hands, I need small hands!" Richie, possessing the tools required to obtain the out-of-reach writing utensil, came to the rescue. Thus spawned the alias, "Small Hands."

Small Hands has not always been a solo artist. In 2000 he was part of a 4-person group called, Subsurface. Subsurface independently released two LPs: No Response, and Something to Trip Too. By 2004, the group was down to three members (Small Hands, Grinch and AmbiAnIcon), who began calling themselves “Level Heads”. In 2004 and 2005, Level Heads was gaining respect amongst listeners as well as other local hip-hop acts while they released a series of underground EPs, (Wings, Head, Thorax, and Heart), and played shows in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Level Heads was put on hold when Grinch joined the marines in 2005. Small Hands was also part of the former hip-hop/indie rock band, Generalized Other, who, in 2007, toured Colorado and released White Dwarf, Red Giant. They will be releasing their final album, The Gift Horse, in the fall of 2009. Small Hands is still working with the drummer from Generalized Other (Matty Schelling) on a new live hip-hop project called Silver Back Teeth.

A quick learner with a good work ethic, Small Hands has played many venues along the front-range, including The Fox and The Boulder Theater as well as some spots in Austin, TX. He is the co-owner of Level Headed Entertainment and strives to get his music to as many ears as possible. He has several underground releases, including P.O.W. (Power of Words), and the brand new album for 2009, A Week and 27 Records. He is also currently remixing and mastering the entire Level Heads and Small Hands catalog to be made available for download. It's music that speaks truth to the listener, allowing them to connect to it based on their own life experiences. Nine years after creating “Small Hands”, Richie’s only guarantee is that he will continue to create his own style of hip-hop until he can no longer write and speak.

DJ Buddha Shen-Ron w/ Last Minute Heroes

Tru Tecknique-Tru Tecknique aka The Midwest Monster aka # the bong token Phenom aka The Divine Sniper, spitting the lyrics. and the one and only Grifter on the beat.

Mic Wrex and B.Moore

One Lyfe


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